Walkway to The Cross on the Hill

Click Here for brick order form.

If you are interested in a memorial brick for the Interfaith/Ecumenical, please email Peggy at peggyleecoppolo@gmail.com or phone 1-814-335-0410; or Lavina @ lavina67@iclouid.com or phone 814-371-1765.

Call Bill McMahon for availability of benches and signs: 1-814-371-1765 or 1-814-590-1882

Benches for the walkway are $100 (44" flat) Two remain available.  There are no $200 benches left.

We will purchase a name plate for you at your expense (normally $25). Bench is placed at the bottom of each cross.

*Meditation point signs, 36"x36" from scripture. Each is dedicated to one of the seven major Christian religions: Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Anglican, Catholic, Evangelical/Charismatic, each costing $350.  All signs will be available to honor a loved one.  (3 remain). They will each be dedicated to a person of the particular faith who had an ecumenical spirit and expressed it in thought or deeds.

*** All checks are deductible and support "The Cross on the Hill".  You make your check out to The Holy Family, Inc

Bricks are red (no gray is available) Each line will be 12 characters with a maximum of three lines or a total of 36 characters. No graphics can be placed on the bricks. The only punctuation available is the - (dash). Punctuation and spaces are included in the total 12 characters per line.

COST OF EACH BRICK IS $75 Veterans are $65.

Mail order form and check to: 

 Peggy Coppolo

                                                                 18838 Bennetts Valley Highway

                                                  Weedville, PA  15868



Bill McMahon

The Holy Family, Inc.

                                             % 518 Pifer Street

                                               DuBois, PA  15801