Message Jan/February 25, 2019

Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary

January/February 2019  

"Dear children! Today, as a mother, I am calling you to conversion. This time is for you, little children, a time of   silence and prayer. Therefore, in the warmth of your heart, may a grain of hope and faith grow and you, little children, will from day to day feel the need to pray more. Your life will become orderly and responsible. You will comprehend, little children, that you are passing here on earth and you will feel the need to be closer to God, and with love you will witness the experience of your encounter with God, which you will share with others. I am with you and am praying for you but I cannot without your 'yes'.

Thank you for having responded to my call." 

There is a Greeting in the Irish Gaelic Language "Cead Mile Failte"  Bishop Michael Murphy (d.) of Erie diocese related a story about an experience he had as a young priest. He was sent to fill in for a pastor in the Irish Immigrant section of the city. They spoke only Irish Gaelic there. Saying Holy Mass he noted that the congregation was very attentive and-devout.  At the Consecration when the bread and wine are elevated becoming the body and blood of Christ, Father personally, most often, feels a flow coming down over the alter from above, but, here at St. Marys, was astonished to sense a rush, a sound, coming toward him from the congregation.  Following Holy Mass he sought out the bilingual gentleman who had welcomed him to St. Marys Church. Father asked, "What was that sound that came from the entire congregation when I elevated the Host during consecration?" The gentleman replied, "Father it is our Gaelic 'Cead Mile Failte' We say 'One Hundred Thousand Welcomes' Lord Jesus Christ at every celebration of Holy Mass."'Sona Padraig' - Happy St. Patrick's Day Through Mary to Jesus  On every step of the journey Jesus makes, Mary is there with him. She is there in the joy of his birth, in Bethlehem, and in his life at Nazareth; in the sorrow of his sufferings and death on the cross. She shares in the glory of his resurrection. It is a journey through life she desires to make also with us. To be a companion through the joyful and sorrowful moments of our lives, and to lead us to the glorious sharing in the mystery of God's love for us. This is her only concern. To see us taste, in and through Jesus, the intimate love of a Father's heart.  If we really pray the rosary -not saying it in some mechanical, routine way- if we  go beyond the mere recitation of words to ponder with Mary the good news of Jesus, we will begin to expose our hearts to what love is really about.  On the ceiling of the Rosary Basilica in Lourdes there is a mosaic of Our Lady with the words written underneath in French 'Par Marie a Jesus'. Through Mary to Jesus.

'Through Mary the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us.' Through Mary the rosary can be, as it was for Bernadette, a school where the love of Jesus takes flesh in our lives, a love to enliven and enlighten all the daily events that form the fabric of our existence.  To ponder the mysteries of the rosary. To enroll in the school of Mary. To find there a new understanding of who Jesus is and what He means to us. This is to share the prayer of the poor and the humble, the prayer of the heart, a peasant's prayer.  The message of the Visitation is really the first fruits of the Incarnation itself. God has not abandoned his people to evil and misery but has come to embrace humankind within his own heart.  The message of the Visitation is really the first fruits of the Incarnation itself. God has not abandoned his people to evil and misery but has come to embrace humankind within his own heart.   "Virgin of Light, you are the smile of a God who loves us". So begins an evening hymn to Mary frequently sung in Lourdes. MARIST FATHERS & BROTHERS OF THE UNITED STATES  ECHOES FROM LOURDES

February 2, 2019

My Children,

... My Son speaks to your souls. I speak to your heart. As a mother I am saying to you: set out with me, love one another, give witness. Do not be afraid, with your defend the truth-the Word of God which is eternal and never changes. My children, whoever acts in the light of merciful love and truth is always helped by Heaven and is not alone. Apostles of my love, may you always be recognized among all others by your hiddenness, love and radiance. I am with you. Thank you." Dear Friends,

A friend once asked me why I was not making an effort to convert an old friend to Catholicism. I love my catholic faith, I love the teachings of my Church and I am who I am because of it. However, the reason why I never tried to change my friend, it is because she is really a good person, very prayerful, loves God, she doesn't judge others, truly loving and respect God's commandments in her behavior and actions, I try to be like her.

God wants our hearts; He wants our lives to reflect our faith, in behavior and actions. He wants our prayers to flow from a loving heart. He wants a real relationship with us, based on love and deep trust. Winning hearts for Jesus is really good, it is a task of every Christian but it has to be real, respectful and needed. I try to do the same, to win hearts for Jesus wherever they are, but if anyone doesn't have a religion or looking for one, I would do anything to show them the beauty of my catholic faith, I have seen many.

I compare religion to a family that grows you up and teaches you good manners, how to be a good human being who will be useful to self and to society. If a family does a good job, to raise a child, she/he will be a good person and get along with others well, even if they didn't grow up in the same family. So is in a religion, if it is based on truth, on Jesus, your yes and faithfulness to the laws of God through your religion, will make things right for you on the Day of Judgement. Jesus will be looking at your actions, what you have done and have not according to what you were taught. That is the final test we should all prepare ourselves for.

As Christians, we believe in the same God, we have the same 10 commandments. God knows we fail to always honor them, but thank God for His Mercy as long as we confess and repent. The more I try to respect God's commandments; I realize how hard it can be. They seem to have hidden subtitles. When we hurt others' feelings and we continue to do so, we are killers of their peace. When we don't respect our promises and lie to others and hurt them, we are thieves of their joy and peace, but God is MERCIFUL, the most important thing is to recognize our sins and as forgiveness as we forgive others.

Whatever religion, you are practicing, be respectful and faithful its teachings about God you are given, love with all your heart, don't just belong, seek to understand deeper and what they mean to you, and adjust your daily life to live accordingly.   We live a short life, but that short life will determine where we spent ETERNITY. We are in transition to Heaven, the real home is where we will live FOREVER. I hope we get there.February 25, 2019"Dear children! Today, I am calling you to a new life. It is not important how old you are, open your heart to Jesus who will transform you in this time of grace and, like nature, you will be born into a new life in God's love, and you will open your heart to Heaven and the things of Heaven. I am still with you, because God permitted me out of love for you. Thank you for having responded to my call." 'People with Intellectual Disabilities Help Us Discover what is Most Beautiful in Each of Us' 

Jean Vanier, Canadian Humanitarian

Founder of L’Arche (The Arc) in 1964  Receiving the highest award of the Knights of Columbus, Vanier recalled being with Pope John Paul II in Lourdes, France. He said, "Looking him in the eyes I saw him as the glory of God, the glory of God is the manifestation of His presence in the weak."

Vanier's faith and firm belief in the dignity of every human life led him to establish L' Arche - centers in which people live together with and without intellectual disorders. 

 Q. What led you?  After the Navy, I met a-priest who helped me enter more profoundly in prayer. Prayer is not just saying prayers-it is to encounter Jesus. Then, in 1964 I discovered 80 men with mental disabilities who were living crammed in a center not very far from Paris.

I felt touched by these men in this horrible situation. I was able to buy a small house in this village, and two of these men and I started to live together. It was extraordinary.  

Q. What role has your Catholic faith played in establishing these communities, and what role does the faith play in the communities today?   

Jean Vanier: At one point in the Gospel, Jesus was filled with joy and said, "I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and learned and revealed them to little children" (cf. Mt. 11:25; Lk. 10:21).

Something very special is revealed to the little children, who live uniquely by the heart. This concerns people with a mental disability who have a great wealth of friendliness, tenderness, of the heart. So it was Jesus who led me to live like this.

L' Arche grew from retreats and encounters with people moved by faith and a desire to help the weakest and most vulnerable discover that they are beautiful children of God.

Not everyone in our communities is Catholic, and we also have communities with Christians and Muslims working together. So, these are not "Catholic" communities in the usual sense, but they are inspired by the Gospel. The entire movement is inspired by compassion and love that sprang from Jesus' heart.   

Q. What do people with disabilities have to teach us about what it means to be human?  Jean Vanier: People with intellectual disabilities are extraordinary. I have come home and I find Pauline, who tells me, "You are the handsomest guy in the world." They reach out and say, "I love you." And what they awaken in us is the desire to reach out to them, because what is their desire? Many of them have been humiliated and unwanted all their lives. So, they draw out in us an answer to the cry: "Do you love me?"

This cry is not related to a desire to enter the "normal" world, which is a world of competition and tension where you have to be rich and powerful to win. People with a disability are not in that world. Their world is simply, "Do you love me?”

They help us to discover our primal innocence and awaken what is most beautiful in each of us. Every human being comes from the hands of God.  

 Q. L' Arche spread with the help of young people. What attracted them, and what did they discover?  In a fragile, vulnerable person, they discover a great desire to help another. In the face of suffering, compassion is born.  Young people today, with their technology, are often experts in communication, but less so in being present, listening. When there is a heart-to-heart encounter, then at that moment, instead of being stuck in their heads, these young people become men and women of relationship and love. 


Q: The elderly and the terminally ill are also vulnerable amid what Pope Francis has called the "throwaway culture." How should we as Catholics respond?   We have to create bonds. Because we have a universal religion, Catholics must have the desire to reveal to the most elderly and suffering that they are more beautiful than they dare believe. I think of those suffering from Alzheimer's disease. To hold their hand, sing the songs they loved when they were young, we help them find their ancient memory; we help them know they are beautiful and loved.   

Q. Are there any words you would like to share with the Knights of Columbus?   Jean Vanier:  I was very touched when I received the Gaudium et Spes Award. It came at a time when we were growing in Calcutta, and I told Supreme Knight Carl Anderson that the award should go to our Calcutta project, because Mother Teresa had given us some land to build on.

The Knights of Columbus are essentially men who have "succeeded" and who share their possessions and their talents to help others, so I think of this extraordinary desire of the Knights to help.

Never forget that what's most important is to encounter Jesus, to know Jesus. His mission is to give life in abundance, and he wants his disciples to give life in abundance, together as a community.

Today, in a very specific way, Knights of Columbus are called to encounter the weak and speak with their hearts to those in need. When you look at someone with tenderness, you transform them. Such a look says: "You can do it - all by yourself. You are a child of God, and you are precious." Excerpts from the Knights of Columbus monthly magazine "Columbia" Dec. 2018.Join the Knights-Help to move the World in the Right Direction.

Just contact a local knight or E-Mail--   Support Special Olympics - And, (The Ark) L' Arche

 Note: 'One Hundred Thousand Welcomes' can translate into many languages.

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