The Cross on the Hill Pictures

12-year old boy visited 

The Cross and took this breathtaking picture

Winter Scene

Winter Scent

Winter Scent

              Visionary Ivan of               MEDJUGORJE 

visits "The Cross on the Hill"

Pictured in the picture from left to right: Terry Wiester; Visionary Ivan; and Sheryl on the right

A Wedding at "The Cross" 

Close-up of a Wedding at

"The Cross" 

Father DiOrio Visits 

"The Cross" in the Fall 

An Evening Scene From "The Cross" 

Photo taken by Sue Samick of  Rochester NY. As She approached "The Cross"  she prayed, "Lord if this is truly a holy place, please give me a sign." Later when her photos were developed the host and blood  appeared on her photo.

The Cross