Message Aug/Sept 2016

Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary

August 25, 2016

"Dear children! Today I desire to share Heavenly joy with you. You, little children, open the door of your heart so that hope, peace and love, which only God gives, may grow in your heart. Little children, you are too bound to the earth and earthly things, that is why, Satan is rolling you like the wind rolls the waves of the sea. Therefore, may the chain of your life be prayer with the heart and Adoration of my Son Jesus. Give over your future to Him so that in Him, you may be joy and an example with your lives to others. Thank you for having responded to my call."


This is the scariest election we as Christians have ever faced, and from the looks of the polls, the Christians aren't voting Christian values. need to be on our knees.

Do you believe we can take God at His word? Call upon His name stand back and watch His wonders unfold? This scripture gives us, as Christians, ownership of this land and the ability to call upon God to heal it. I challenge you to do that.  We have never been more desperate than now for God to heal our land.

This election is the scariest I remember in my lifetime. 2 Chronicles 7:14: "If my people, which are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land."

During WWII, there was an advisor to Churchhill who organized a group of people who dropped what they were doing every night at a prescribed hour for one minute, to collectively pray for the safety of England, its people and peace. This had an amazing effect, as bombing stopped.          

There is now a group of people organizing the same thing here in America. The United States of America, and our citizens, need prayer more than ever!! If you would like to participate, each evening at 9:00 P.M. Eastern Time (8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain, 6 PM Pacific), stop whatever you're doing, and spend one minute praying for the safety of the United States, our troops, our citizens, for peace in the world, the upcoming election, that the Bible will remain the basis for the laws governing our land, and that Christianity will grow in the U.S.

If you know anyone who would like to participate, please pass this along. Someone said if people really understood the full extent of the power we have available through prayer, we might be speechless. Our prayers are the most powerful asset we have. Thank you.

Please pass this on to anyone who you think will want to join us. God Bless You!! I believe in the power of prayer-let's join together, united - one in Christ!

Mother Teresa and John Paul II: Saints for The Modern World

They were a powerful and fearless duo, exhorting the conscience of the world to recognize the innate dignity of the person.

Throughout the history of the Church, the lives of saints always seem to intersect. Consider Francis and Clare, Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, Damien de Veuster and Marianne Cope-to name a few.

The spiritual friendship between John Paul II and Mother Teresa, however, was arguably one of the most important of all time. The two not only were friends in the faith, but emerged in their own ways as patron saints of the modem world.


John Paul II was elected pope in 1978 and set to work, steering the Church toward an authentic understanding of the Second Vatican Council, and so helped the Church to have dialogue with the modern world.    


Part of the vital dialogue was urging modernity to recapture a proper understanding of the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death.

Meanwhile, a year after his election, Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize, but she was already a household name as a voice for the defenseless, the weak, and the forgotten.

The two had one of those extraordinary meetings that happen with saints on Feb. 3, 1986, during the Pope's visit to India.                                         


John Paul stopped in the city of Kolkata and met Mother Teresa in her refuge for the sick and dying. A humble building in the slums of the sprawling city, the home she founded in 1950 - called Nirmal Hriday (Sacred Heart) - housed 86 men and women dying from cancer, tuberculosis and neglect, but not dying also with dignity and with love.

Mother Teresa bent down to kiss the hand of the Holy Father, and he gently kissed the top of her head and asked to meet the patients in her care. The Pope blessed the patients and helped Mother Teresa and her sisters feed the suffering.

Thus began a friendship for the ages.                                     

Where John Paul provided the theological and intellectual foundation for understanding human dignity in the face of the great darkness of the 20th century - abortion, euthanasia, atheism, communism and materialism - Mother Teresa was a living witness to what the Pope was teaching.

They were a powerful and fearless duo, exhorting the conscience of the world to recognize the innate of dignity of the person.

In 1993, John Paul II traveled to Denver for World Youth Day. While there he had a meeting with then, President Bill Clinton. The pope told reporters afterward that he had told the president, 'The inalienable  dignity of every human being and the rights which flow from that dignity-including the right to life and the defense of life - as well as the wellbeing and full human development of individuals and people, are at the heart of the Church's message and action in the world."  

National Catholic Register (A news service of E.W.T.N. subscription; 1-800-421-3230)

September 25, 2016

"Dear children! Today, I am calling you to prayer. May prayer be life to you. Only in this will your heart be filled with peace and joy. God will be near you and you will fill Him in your heart as a friend. You will speak with him as with someone whom you know and, little children, you will need a witness, because Jesus will be in your heart and you, united in Him. I am with you and love all of you with my motherly love. Thank you for having responding to my call."

"America do not let 'secular media' destroy the U.S.A."

The Courageous Little Nun

Just as memorable was Mother Teresa's encounter with the Clintons at the 1994 Natural Prayer Breakfast in Washington.

Mother Teresa declared: "I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself.      

"And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another? How do we persuade a woman not to have an abortion? As always, we must persuade her with love...

Mother Teresa, who won the Nobel Peace Prize, spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast and said, "...any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.    


Abortion is a rejection of the teachings of Christ himself who taught that those who receive a little child, receive Him. Mother Teresa concluded that every abortion, as a refusal to receive a little child, is a refusal to receive Jesus.  


After these words, she paused, receiving a standing ovation from all the dignitaries present. President and First Lady Hillary Clinton did not stand and did not applaud.

Mother Teresa, the little nun, went on courageously. "I will tell you something beautiful.  We are fighting abortion by adoption - by care of the mother and adoption for her baby".

At the White House luncheon in her honor she was asked by First Lady Hillary Clinton, "why do you think we haven't had a woman as president yet?" Mother Teresa immediately replied, "Because she has probably been aborted."

Mrs. Clinton later helped Mother Teresa open an adoption center in Washington, D.C. - it closed in 2002. Hillary still vigorously supports late term abortion and Planned Parenthood.

St. Teresa, the "saint of the gutters", mirrored Christ so well. Excerpts from National Catholic Review EWTNews

When you know how much God is in love with you, (His Creation) then you can only live your life radiating that love." Mother Teresa

Spiritual War on All Fronts

"David Daleiden went undercover for three years. He then released a series of shocking videos exposing Planned Parenthoods ghoulish, illegal trafficking in aborted babies' body parts (heart, Iivers, brains, etc.)

"The abortionists he exposed are now suing him, through The National Abortion Federation in California Federal Court where he is accused of "racketeering". They want to shut him up-crucify him.

'What did he expose - the videos are devastating and incriminating with evidence of multiple crimes, such as partial-birth abortions (which are banned by federal law) and altering abortion procedures to enhance the commercial value of babies' body parts for sale.'

'One abortionist is sipping wine and munching on a salad while describing how she can kill a baby without mangling the organs which they can then be sold for a tidy profit. She said: I've been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that. So I'm not gonna crush that part.  I'm gonna basically crush below. I'm gonna crush above. And I'm gonna see if I can get it all intact.  Often, the last step, you can evacuate an intact calvarium [head].'

'Then there's another abortionist who says in the video that she wants to make enough money from selling babies' body parts to buy a Lamborghini (A Lamborghini sports car cost nearly $200,000.) She also made herself famous by saying that she can use a "less crunchy" method of killing a baby in order to preserve intact specimens for sale. Crushing the baby the wrong way would destroy the organs, making them worthless. Another couldn't help laughing while gloating about the money she's going to make selling babies' body parts. Another Planned Parenthood employee giggled about the large number of scrambled babies' remains jumbled together after a busy abortion day.

Another video exposes how the abortionist harvest the brain so they can sell it: they "snip" the baby's face from bottom to top in order to extract the brain intact. This kind of evil is mind boggling.                         


'At twenty seven years of age David is a devout Catholic, articulate and presents himself well. Abortionist target him as "Public Enemy No. 1" for exposing their illegal activities: they want  him shut up. You can help him defend himself in court by sending a tax-deductible donation payable to The Thomas More Society, Dept. NCRl606, 19 S. LaSalle St. Suite 603, Chicago, II. 60603.' 

Excerpts of David Daeiden Article from ad in National Catholic Review, EWTN News                                                

Note: Partial birth abortion involves killing  a nine month old (living) baby by sticking scissors in the back of her neck, then selling her organs. All sponsored with our tax dollars.

What is the difference between this and ISIS cutting off Christians heads with a knife? Any, and every, politician who supports Planned Parenthood does not care the least about human life; and, they simply can't care the least about your future.

Over half of those thousands of babies are little girls who, had their life and freedom of choice not been taken away, could have become "the first female president of the U.S.A. 

Those Who Support These Disgusting Actions Can only be Considered Deranged 

'The Select House Panel on Infant Lives' chaired by Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee seeks criminal charges against the University of New Mexico. The panel charges that the school broke state laws in the use of aborted fetal tissue. The school gave high school summer students babies' brains, on more than one occasion, for dissection.

'The Panel on infant Lives' also documented Planned Parenthoods harvesting and unlawful sale of body parts along with outright violation of The Federal Partial-birth Abortion ban. [National Catholic Register]

The Democratic platform states that you and I must pay for abortion from our tax dollars and their candidate strongly supports Planned Parenthood.

If that is how you look out for our children all of your career: thanks anyway-we will watch out for our own.

When you pull that lever on Election Day make sure your not killing someone.

(note: There are an estimated 21 million Democrats who are pro-life and dissatisfied with their Party Platform.)

Some People live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever made a difference in the world. A veteran doesn't have that problem.

President Ronal Reagan

Save a Girl

St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta had a major influence, on Reggie Littlejohn, founder of 'Women's Rights Without Frontiers' an organization campaigning to end forced abortion and gendercide in China where women are forced to abort baby girls. Working in one of Mother Teresa's homes for abandoned children in India taught her the infinite value and dignity of all human life.      

A graduate of Yale law School, working as an attorney she was struck down by mastectomies and MRSA infection. She was disabled for five years. A former atheist, this time became  a spiritual awakening for her. Reading the Bible over and over she was struck by "Do not conform to this world. but be transformed by the renewing of your mind".

During her encounter with God, she prayed for guidance - and was directed to "write a screen play." She prayed for confirmation and, "God's voice would not go away-'Write a screen play,' "write a screen play' is what I kept hearing. She then wrote the award winning drama "Pearls of China", a feature-length drama.

Littlejohn recounts the unintended consequences of China's One-held Policy: forced sterilization, death from blotched procedures, a situation where 37 million more men living in China than women which results in human trafficking, sexual slavery, and a high rate of female suicide.

The scripture that most inspires Littlejohn in her work is Proverbs' 24: 11-12

Rescue those being led away to death;   

Hold back those staggering towards slaughter.

If you say, "But we knew nothing about this,"

Does not He who weighs the heart perceive it?

Will He not repay each person according to what he had done?

U.S.A.'s Planned Parenthood works hand-in-hand with the Chinese -(more body parts to sell!) Email: info@findingodinsiliconvalley

"You can't get rich in politics unless you're a crook."

President Harry S. Truman

The Catholic League, President Bill Donahue

Excerpts of Mr. Jeff Fields Interview of Bill Donohue

Q. How have things terms of threats to religious liberty?

"What is most striking is that government is now the seat of hostility to Catholicism more than any other sector of our society, this is particularly troubling. After all, government in this country was created to ensure rights, not to erode them.

In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote that our rights do not come from government. Our rights are unalienable. That is to say, our rights come from "the Creator, from God. We have God-given rights. We don't look to government to give us our rights. We look to government to ensure our rights. Now, regrettably, over the last decade, we have seen many examples at the local. state and federal level where government has become the problem."

Q. Could you give us some examples of threats to religious liberty coming from the local level?

"Well, right here in New York City we have (had) a mayor, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is not exactly religious-friendly. Let me give you a particular example:

"When we had the 9/11 commemoration in September of 2011-the ten-year anniversary-the clergy wanted to speak. Obviously, the clergy always speak at some commemorative exercise in this country. They are expected to speak. Mayor Bloomberg censored them. He did something unprecedented. He said that everybody can speak who is a person of notoriety, but we don't want the clergy. So, he literally banned the priest, the ministers and the rabbis, the imams and others from speaking.

"This is censorship. Only the government can censor. Private institutions such as newspaper, for example, they don't have to publish people's letters or op-eds. It may show a bias but you can't call it censorship in the strict sense of that word. Here we have the government-the chief executive of New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg--making a decision on his own, without consulting the public, saying, "Listen, I don't want the clergy to speak." That's a hostility I don't think that we can put up with, that kind of censorship.

"The same Mayor has denied non-white Protestants who belong to the Bronx Household of Faith use of school property and buildings on Sunday mornings-when nobody else is using the m-for their religious services. They've been doing this for a very long time, up until Mayor Bloomberg decided that, while you can have LGBT meetings and anything else in the public buildings on a Sunday morning, you cannot have a religious service. This was a mean-spirited attempt to erode the religious liberty of these Protestants."

Note: Religious Liberty matters to Catholic voters both Democrat and Republicans.

Prayer for the Canonization of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Heavenly Father, source of all holiness, You raise up within the Church in every age men and women who serve with heroic love and dedication. You have blessed Your church through the life and ministry of Your faithful servant, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. He has written and spoken well of Your Divine Son, Jesus Christ, and was a true instrument of the Holy Spirit in touching the hearts of countless people.         

If it be according to Your Will, for the honor and glory of the Most Holy Trinity and for the salvation of souls, we ask You to move the Church to proclaim him a saint. We ask this prayer through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen

For information on The Archbishop Fulton Sheen Foundation or to share any personal knowledge of the

Archbishop (letters, photo, life experiences), or to report any spiritual or physical favors granted in his name, please write:                  

[The Archbishop Fulton John Sheen Foundation PO Box 728 Peoria, IL 61652-0728] Visit our website at 


Vatican City - St. Peters Square

Pope Francis hails volunteers on the eve of Mother Teresa's Sainthood. 

Pope Francis hailed volunteers as "Artisans of Mercy" whose hands voice, closeness and caresses help people who suffer to feel loved. While in the square, he petted Leo, the Labrador retriever which pinpointed a four year old child who had survived in a pile of quake rubble. The dog raised a paw which Pope Francis grasped.

He said, 'the credibility of the church to a large extent depends on the service of Catholics to the poor...'

The Altoona Mirror Contributed 

by Bob Sokloski

A Message seen on an Evangelical Church marquee near a busy highway.


Pope John Paul II elected. His Feast day is October

 "My children, my Son is looking at you. Pray that you also may see His face and that it may be revealed to you. My children, I am revealing to you the only and real truth. Pray that you may comprehend it and be able to spread love and hope; that you may be able to be apostles of my love. In a special way, my motherly heart loves the shepherds. Pray for their blessed hands. Thank you."


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"... I am with you and love all of you with my motherly love...”   Mother Mary