Blessings for Two New Prayer Stations

God created a near perfect day, July 16th, for the blessing service for the two new prayer stations:  The Resurrection and The Ascension.

Fr. William Kiel was joined by Methodist Pastor Missy Smith of St. Marys, PA for blessing the two new prayer stations. Music was provided by Shalom, which everyone was invited to join in.

Fr. Kiel, Pastor Smith and Shawna Grim each presented a short introduction before the blessings of the stations.

Following the blessing of the prayer stations, Pastor Smith, Shawna Grim and Father Kiel offered private prayer for healing for all those who wished. As one little girl said, “It is peaceful here.”  The presence of the Lord could be felt throughout the service.

The Cross is open to all who want to visit and just sit and meditate or just enjoy the peace that is felt there. It is beautiful no matter what time of year you visit.