Message June 25, 2017


June 25, 2017

"Dear children! Today, I desire to thank you for your perseverance and call you to open yourselves to profound prayer. Prayer, little children, is the heart of faith and is hope in eternal life. Therefore, pray with the heart until your heart sings with thanksgiving to God, the Creator, who gave you life. I am with you, little children, and carry to you my motherly blessing of peace. Thank you for having responded to my call."

Dear friends,

The other day I watched few documentaries about the beginning of Medjugorje on You Tube and I just fell in love with Our Lady all over again. What a mother we have who understands us and loves us! I thank God for Her. I can go on and speak about the miracles that happened, healing. Those who were able to see Her, to touch Her, not just the visionaries but the public!

But my goal here, I wanted to remind you and me about the messages Our Lady brings. As a Mother, she comes with a mission, to teach us, to give us tools that help on the way back to God.

Our Lady asks us to say the Rosary every day, to say the Seven Sorrows Rosary at least Fridays and Tuesdays. She asks us to go to mass everyday if we can. She said, the Eucharist is the greatest gift God has given us. She wants us to visit Her Son and Our Lord in the Tabernacle as much as we can. Not only when the Eucharistic is exposed, or just during mass, but any other time to stop by and say a prayer in the church. Our lady asks us to fast or find ways to mortify our bodies, and to offer our sufferings for the conversion of sinners. Our Lady wants us to be faithful to God's commandments. She wants us to read the Bible often and remind ourselves of God's way and direction.

We Can be Saints

At the General Audience Pope Francis speaks of the Importance of Mystics in History.

At the General Audience in Saint Peter's square on Wednesday, 21 June, Pope Francis called the faithful to look to the Saints, to "those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith". He noted that in the Sacraments of Baptism, Matrimony and Ordination, we pray the Litany of the Saints precisely to implore their intercession and help in the exercise of particular vocation we have received.

Indeed, the Pontiff observed, the lives of the saints remind us that the Christian ideal is not unattainable: we too can all be saints, by keeping our hearts open to God and asking that the Lord give us hope and grace. "We can be saints because the Lord helps us", the Holy Father said, and “this is the great gift that each of us can make to the world".

Despite our human weakness, the Pope observed, we can always count on God's grace and the prayers of the saints to sustain us in faith and in hope for the transfiguration of this world and the fulfillment of Christ's promises in the next. Thus, he prayed that the Lord "grant us the grace to believe so profoundly" in Christ as to become His very image in this world because "our history needs 'mystics'; people who reject all dominion, who aspire  to charity  and fraternity" and  also, "men  and women  who live, also accepting a portion of suffering  because they take on the burdens of others". They are essential to our world, Pope Francis pointed out because "without these men and women, the world would have no men, the world would have “no hope".

Therefore, like the saints who have gone before us, we must pray that the Lord strengthen us to be his witnesses and to bring the Gospel to all our brothers and sister, especially the suffering and those most in need of its message of undying hope.  Thus, the Holy  Father said: "I wish for you and I also wish for me  -  that the Lord may grant us the hope of being saints.”   L'OSSERVATORE 'ROMANO 6/23/17

I Pray--God Heals  

At this writing, our spiritual advisor, Fr. Bill Kiel, is on his way to Medjugorje. We decided to give him a break from writing this month to give him more time to prepare for his pilgrimage. So this month, we decided to share with our readers how Father's healing ministry started. Father gave his testimony on our June 2016 pilgrimage to Medjugorje in conjunction with a talk our guide, Ana, gave about Fr. Jozo Zovko. Fr Bill's whole story can be read on our website at

My experience with Fr. Jozo was my first trip (back in 1994). We went to Siroki Brijeg to hear his talk. So we went there, and after his talk he invited the priests with groups to come up and concelebrate Mass. So three of us concelebrated Mass, and then after the Mass, he asked the people to sit down, and he started to talk without his translator. But I heard him very clearly say, "I'm going to bless the priests and then ask the priests to bless all people, beginning with the people in this church." Then I caught myself in thinking, "I do not understand Croatian! Just sit back and listen." Then the translator came out and said a few things, then said, "Father is going to bless the priests and ask that they share this blessing with all people, beginning with the people here in this church."

So he [Fr. Jozo] blessed us and then he motioned us to different parts of the church. I was on the side aisle. I started in the back, and as I blessed people (lay hands on them), they started to rest in the Spirit, which shocked me, because I had blessed many people before, but never experienced resting in the Spirit.

So after the blessings were completed a number of people came up to me and thanked me for the blessings that they felt they received, the healings they received through the blessing. And my first thought with the first person was, "OK, Kiel, remember what they told you in seminary: 'As a priest, you can do nothing. It's God working through you."'  So my first response was, "Thank God.  I pray--God Heals.” And that was really the beginning of the healing ministry for me through the blessing through Fr. Jozo. And I know it was a gift because I had no idea what was happening.

I came home and talked to a few priests about it, and they just kind of brushed me off like I was a newly ordained guy that thought he was a "hotshot." So I just didn’t talk to anybody about it, but read everything I could possibly read on the gift of healing and the power of the Holy Spirit, and the more I read, the more I blessed, the greater the healings took place. They all started with Fr.  Jozo right there in Siroki Brijeg.

He [Fr. Jozo] was a powerful speaker. He could get a message across on deep theological issues in a way that people could understand - a very gifted priest (see page 7).

Editor's note: After his experience in Medjugorje, Fr. Bill began celebrating Masses with healing blessings -- a ministry that continues today to heal many spiritually, emotionally and physically. Father's schedule can be found at He will be the spiritual director for a pilgrimage to Medjugorje November 6-17. For more information, call Nancy at 724-244-8554.

The Cross on The Hill

Sunday, July 16 @ 3 P.M.

Fr. William Kiel will be joined by Methodist Pastor Missy Smith of St. Marys, PA for blessing of two new prayer stations: 'The Resurrection ' and ' The Ascension'. Music will be provided by Shalom.

Catherine Lang, a young college student who designed all the prayer stations will be present. The two new stations were crafted by 'Mick' @ Kennedy Signs St. Marys, engineered and cut by Justin 'Moose' McDermott of McDermott Welding, Kersey, PA and treated by Absolute Powder Coating of St. Marys.

Following blessing of the prayer stations Pastor Smith, Shawna Grim, and Father Kiel will offer private prayer for healing for all those who wish. A basket will also be available for hand written petitions.

In case of rain or threat of heavy storms, the service will be conducted at St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church in Force PA.

‘The Cross on The Hill', 2041, Mr. Zion Rd., Weedville, PA 15868, St. Joseph Church, 17764 Bennetts Valley Hwy.  Force, PA 15841

Questions Phone: Rich Kenawell @ 814-771-7932 or Judy Smart @ 814-637-5930 or Email: Bill (AKA/Irish) at

Fasting Tips:

I would like to share something I have found both practical and helpful with fasting (which can be difficult). After each bite of bread, after it is swallowed, pray, "Jesus, Mary, I love you. Save souls," before taking the next bite. Do the same with the water. In this way we can focus on why we are fasting (with love and cooperation for our Mother).  It is also a wonderful way to practice the presence of God when eating normally.

Editor's note: This tip was shared by one of our international subscribers, who prefers to remain anonymous. We thank her for sharing this wonderful tip.


On May 4, I had the honor of joining Cardinal Donald Wuerl, archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, archbishop of Galveston-Houston and president of the U S. bishops' conference, members of the Little Sisters of the poor; and leaders of Orthodox, Protestant, Jewish and other faith communities at a White House Rose Garden ceremony during the National Day of Prayer.

The event, at which President Trump signed an executive order on religious liberty, began with the singing of the Lord's Prayer.

The spring observance of the National Day of Prayer was established by Congress and proclaimed by President Harry Truman in 1952.  While some may dismiss the National Day of Prayer as largely symbolic, and others like the Freedom From Religion, may ridicule it, I felt that something very important took place. Religious leaders from around the nation joined together in prayer at the White House with a deep sense of respect for each other's traditions.

Cardinal Wuerl was one of those chosen to lead the gathering in prayer. His words truly captured the atmosphere of unity when he said:  "O God, who gave one origin to all peoples and willed to gather from them one family for yourself, fill our hearts, we pray, with the fire of your love and kindle in all of us a desire for the just advancement of our neighbor, that through all good things which you richly bestow upon all, each human person may be brought to perfection, every division may be removed, and equality and justice be established in human society."

Years ago, Father Patrick Peyton repeatedly reminded us that "the family that prays together, stays together." Perhaps the same might be said of nations.

Approximately six decades ago, the Knights of Columbus led the effort to add the words "under God" to the U. S. Pledge of Allegiance.  The phrase is taken from Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

And it was Lincoln who first proclaimed a National day of Prayer in 1863 stating that "it is the duty of nations as well as of men to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God, to confess their sins and transgressions to humble sorrow...and to recognize...that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord."

Building a Better World by Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson

 On the Side of Freedom

When Nazi Germany invaded Poland in September 1939, 19-year old Karol Wojtyla, a college student in Krakow, was forced into manual labor. His beloved father - his last living family member - died less than two years later. Wojtyla then entered Krakow's clandestine seminary in 1942, in the face of atrocities committed by the Nazi regime.  By the time he was ordained four years later, World War II had ended and the Soviet Army "liberated" Poland, replacing one totalitarian government with another. For the next three decades, Wojtyla fostered a vibrant Christian identity among the people he served as a priest, bishop and cardinal, despite the state's atheistic ideology.

In 1979, he returned to his homeland as Pope John Paul II, sparking a spiritual revolution that led to the eventual collapse of communism in Central and Eastern Europe (see page 14). In 1991, 18 months after the fall of the Berlin Wall, he published an encyclical titled Centesimus Annus. The document marked the 100th anniversary of Pope Leo XIII's groundbreaking social encyclical, Rerum Novarum, by developing its key insights and outlining principles regarding human rights and the role of the state.

For example, the pope recognized the value of free markets but warned agapist a "consumer society". The latter, he wrote, actually "agrees with Marxism, in the sense that it totally reduces man to the sphere of economics and the satisfaction of material needs" (Centesimus Annus. 19). In a similar way, he advocated for political engagement but warned that politics can become "a secular religion" which operates under the illusion of creating paradise in this world" (25).

The foundation of any free society, John Paul II argued, is recognition of "the rights of the human conscience" (29). He explained that "in constantly reaffirming the transcendent dignity of the person, the Church's method is always that of respect for freedom." In contrast, the modern claim that "there is no ultimate truth to guide and direct political activity" easily leads to tyranny (46). Far from compromising the legitimate autonomy of the state or the freedom of others, the Christian view of the human person affirms that fundamental rights much always be respected.

Where does all of this leave us, particularly in our mission as faithful citizens and Knights of Columbus, today? For one thing, it means that we are called to continue our defense of religious freedom - described in Centesimus Annus as "the source and synthesis" of other human rights (47) - whether it is threatened by secularism, totalitarianism or Islamist fundamentalism. In addition, we must remember that political challenges are rooted in cultural challenges, "In order to overcome todays widespread individualistic mentality," John Paul II observed, "what is required is a concrete commitment to solidarity and charity, beginning in the family" (49). That is to say, the fight for freedom begins in our own homes and communities, and it begins with charity.  

Alton J Pelowski; Editor

Liberating a Continent:  John Paul II and the Fall of Communism 

The film Liberating a Continent: John Paul II and the Fall of Communism (see article on page 14) is currently available on DVD, Netflix and digital platforms including iTunes and Amazon. After airing throughout the United States and Canada, the 90-minute film, produced by Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson and narrated by Jim Caviezel, received two Chicago/Midwest Regional Emmy Awards in December 2016. For more information, visit

2 Columbus July 2017  Publisher: Knights of Columbia K of C customer Service: 1-800-380-9995 

Building a Better World by Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson

"Man-Up" /Solidarity, Prayer of a Nation"

Our Lady's Message to Mirjana Soldo on June 2, 2017 

Dear children, as in the other places where I have come to you, also here I am calling you to prayer. Pray for those who do not know my Son, for those who have not come to know the love of God, against sin, for the consecrated -  for those whom my Son called to have love and the spirit of strength for you,  for the  Church. Pray to my Son, and the love which you experience from His nearness will give you the strength to make you  ready for the works of love which you will do in His name. My children, be ready. This time is a turning point. That is why I am calling you anew to faith and hope. I am showing you the way by which you need to go, and those are the words of the Gospel. Apostles of my love, the world is in such need of your arms raised toward Heaven, towards my Son, towards the Heavenly Father. Much humility and purity of heart are needed. Have trust in my Son and know that you can always be better. My motherly heart desires for you, apostles of my love, to be little lights of the world, to illuminate there where darkness wants to begin to reign, to show the true way by your prayer and  love, to save souls. I am with you. Thank you.


This is the Time for My Soul

Fr. Jozo in 2007 

The following is an excerpt from a reflection written by Fr. Jozo Zovko in April of 2007.

This time of grace and with Our Lady is a time that the Mother has given as a gift to us to teach us to love, to pray, and to be obedient to God. We are overjoyed that we immediately responded to Her call. Yes, this truly is the time for my soul.

When you climb the Hill of Apparitions and when [you] gaze at the opened Heaven and listen to the voice of the Mother as a prophet does, it is time for your soul.

When you have a headache and feel the stress of fasting, say to your heart: "Fear not. This is the time for my soul."

When you turn off the television or put away the magazine that disturbs you, say to your heart: "This is the time for my soul."

When you open the Bible, listening to the Lord as Samuel did, say to your heart: "This is the time for my soul."

In this way, continue to go through Our Lady's messages one by one. Accept them resolutely and say to your heart: "This is the time for my soul."

We are happy that the Mother is with us. We are happy that She is waiting for us whenever we  set out to meet Her. We know that She loves us immeasurably. This immeasurable love of Our Lady heals our immaturity and helps us to become more mature in our love for Her, for God, for the Church and for our neighbor. "Mother, I know how great your love is.  I am ashamed to try to compare it with what is visible and measurable because it is immeasurable. Thank you for so great a love." Fr. Jozo said he did not believe the children when they first reported Our Lady's Apparitions to him. What soon convinced him they were telling truth was all the Satanic interference he was receiving. That interference continues to this day: Indicating the importance of Medjugorje messages.

Its training place for the Destinies of eternity.  Thacker Ray


God never abandons man. The Almighty Voice is never still. Forests, lands, seas are his written words; the sound of the breeze, the chattering of the birds echo his creative  presence. God speaks pleasantly if man would only take time to listen. 

Father Ralph  A. Diorio,


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